Jack Scrivano, collective noun

Francis Jehl, Thomas Edison’s assistant at Menlo Park, once described Edison as a collective noun.  

Today, we think of Edison as the developer of the electric light bulb (among other things).  But the electric light bulb was really the work of many people for whom Edison was a sort of front man.  

Some of Edison’s co-innovators were happy about this.  Others were not.  One even took him to court and won the right to be known as the true inventor of the electric light bulb.  Not that it made a lot of difference.  A hundred years later, it is Edison’s name that most people remember.  

Jack Scrivano, too, is something of a collective noun.  He gathers together the word-related thoughts of the team at KiwiStreet and jots them down for a possible wider discussion.  Jack has the team’s blessing in this endeavour.

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