‘If you don’t buy from me, I’ll shout even louder’

As a child, I was known for being rather quiet.  I didn’t go in for a lot of screaming and shouting.  And I didn’t much like it when those around me shouted either.  I particularly disliked it when they shouted at me.

Nothing much has changed over the years.  Screaming kids, strident polemicists (and politicians), shouting advertisers, they all cause me to tune out and switch off.  The more they shout, the less I listen.

And I do not seem to be alone in my aversion to this totally unnecessary noise.  According to a recent survey, most people find commercials with presenters who shout – or commercials with loud shouting voice overs – one of the most annoying things about TV.

I was, therefore, more than a little surprised to hear a man whose company is currently responsible for some of TV’s most shouty commercials saying – in a very loud voice – that he only does it because ‘IT GETS RESULTS!!!  IT WORKS!!!

Someone, please tell me, quietly, that he is mistaken.

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