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Morning Talks

One of my memories of primary school was the start-the-week ritual known as ‘the morning talk’. I assume that the objective of the morning talk was to help build social confidence among the five, six, and seven-year-olds – a sort … Continue reading

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Cheese ‘em off

The recent passing of Ray Columbus reminded me of a friend of mine who used to wander about singing one of Ray’s greatest hits: Cheese ‘Em Off. ‘Cheese ‘em off, cheese ‘em off, cheese ‘em off.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.  … Continue reading

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So why disappoint them?

Even though the local body elections are still not quite done and dusted, I get the feeling that we are already being softened up for next year’s general election. According to a professor of political science with whom I occasionally … Continue reading

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Tell them a story

Our client was perplexed.  His organisation had pitched to seven prospects, and only one prospect had said yes. The contracts for which our client had been pitching were not insignificant.  The smallest (by value) would have been worth well over … Continue reading

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